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Weightlifting is an ancient world famous games which are played all over the country. The game is also known as Olympic weightlifting or Olympic-style weightlifting and is a sport in which participants try a maximum weight single lift of a barbell encumbered with weight plates. Ancient Olympic Games is the website for providing gaming information, describing weightlifting on this page.

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Olympic weightlifting is a common sport for both men and women categorized by weight classes from the massive heavyweights to the little flyweights. Each winner athletes are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals. The game is a traditional viewer sport at the Summer Olympics, although the game has become more popular as a participant sport in particular European, Middle Eastern, and Asian countries.

     Quallification for Summer Olympics 2016 which are Going to be Held at Rio de Janerio is Different or Men and Women.
There are 8 Men Events and 7 Women Weight Lifting Events in Rio Olympics 2016
You can Have look in the Below Image for them

Athletics Quota and Qualification for Weight Lifting in Summer Olympics 2016 held at Rio can be seen in the Below Image

Weightlifting was first incorporated to the Olympic Games in 1896 as a part of track and field. Then it was left out of the 1900 Games and then again reappeared in 1904. It didn't return to the Olympics again until 1920 when it was admitted in its right. At first, Olympic weightlifting featured some event criteria that would seem to be unusual in the present age.

The game has been contested at every Summer Olympic Games since the 1920 Summer Olympics, as well as it was played twice before then. It was first appeared at the 1896 Summer Olympics, in Athens, Greece, and turned out also to an event at the 1904 Games.

List of Rio 2016 qualification events:
  1. 2014 Commonwealth Games 
  2. 2014 IWF World Championships 
  3. 2014 Asian Games  
  4. 2014 IWF Grand Prix(s)
  5.  2015 IWF Junior World Championships 
  6. 2015 Pacific Games 
  7. 2015 Pan-American Games 
  8. 2015 IWF World Championships 
  9. 2015 IWF Grand Prix(s)  
  10. 2016 Continental Qualification Events  
  11. 2016 IWF Grand Prix(s)

Live Streaming for SumWeight lifting 

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