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Soccer has been the one of the ancient and world’s famous games. It is a game of men and is loved by all age groups, over the years. In it, the ball is kicked and goaled in the goal post. The ancient Chinese, Greeks and Romans played something very similar to this game long before the English Kings in the year 1300 and 1400.

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 Association football has been included in every Summer Olympic Games except 1896 and 932          as a men's competition sport. Women's football was added to the official program in 1996.

Football saw its new looks when, in the year 1863, the Football Association of England was found. It was spread round the globe by the English sailors who played them wherever they went. For more details about this game you can visit our website Ancient Olympic Games.

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Football is an outdoor game played, in grass pitch, by two different teams. Generally the number of players who actively participate in this game is 11. But, there are many places where lesser number of members plays this game. The aim of this engrossing game is to score a ball in the other team’s net. One team who scores the most goals, wins.

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The match is played over 90 minutes- in two parts. And except for the goal keeper who can touch the ball with his hands, other players are allowed to use their feet, head and body to control the ball. Football was first introduced by the modern Olympic Games in the Athens in the year 1896. Women’s game appeared in Atlanta in the year 1996 for the first time.

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Hungary has won maximum number of gold medals in compare to any other country- three football gold medals. Despite its series of successes in the FIFA world cup, Brazil never won an Olympic gold medal in this game. The last Olympic Games were held in Beijing china in the year 2008. And the next Olympic Games are to be held in the year 2012 in London, United Kingdom.   

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