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Athletes or track and field is multi-sports events that involve include, throwing and jumping. “Athletes” has been taken from the Greek word "athlos", meaning "contest". Generally, it consists of a wide array of events right from individual races to relay to jumps to throws.

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Athletics is all about running faster, jumping higher and throwing further than the other participating contestants. The ancient Games at Olympia was started just with foot races that was only occasionally convoluted by getting the runners dressed in infantry armor or make them carry soldiers' shields.

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Athletics at the 2016 Summer Olympics will be held during the last 10 days of the games, from August 12 to August 21, 2016, at the Olympic Stadium. The sport of athletics in the 2016 Summer Olympics is split into four distinct sets of events: track and field events, road running events, and racewalking events.

Nowadays, athletics has reached the position to call it as one of the most popular Olympic sports. The athletic events consist right from the 100m dash to the 42.195km marathon, from the hammer throw to the high jump; it takes in many of the Olympic Games' blue-ribbon events and many of the highest-profile competitors.

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The most recent athletic events are generally organized around a 400 meter running track on which almost all the running events take place. Field events, such as vaulting, jumping, and throwing often take place on the infield, inside the track.
Athletics has made its position in the first modern Olympic Games in 1896 and has built their strength of character ever since. At first women were not allowed to take part in the game but, in the 1928 Olympics, women were first allowed to participate this event.

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The basic rules of track athletics or of track events in athletics as pragmatic in most international athletics competitions are controlled by the Competition Rules of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). The latest entire set of rules is the 2009 rules that connect with only to competitions in 2009. The main rules of track events are those concerning with starting, running and finishing. 
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