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Archery is an ancient art, practice, or ability to impel arrows with the use of a bow. This art was previously used for hunting and combat. In modern times, yet, it is used for recreational purpose. Our website, Ancient Olympic Games aims at providing you knowledge about the international games as well as some famous OLympic games. Archery is an ancient world famous game which we will make you know more about it through this page.

1972 is noticeable for the beginning of the modern archery competition at the Olympic Games. The events started to employ standardized forms and many nations took part in the competition. Modern Olympic archery takes in four medal events: men's individual, women's individual, men's team, and women's team. In all the four events, the distance from the archer to the target is 70 meters.
During the different Olympic archery competition, eighty three different nations have joined the competitions, with France appearing the most often at 11 times. The competition is administered by the International Archery Federation. Recurve archery is the only discipline of archery featured at the Olympic Games.

Qualification for Archery events at Rio Olympics 2016

Each National Olympic Committee (NOC) is permitted to enter a maximum of six competitors, three per gender. NOCs that qualify teams for a particular gender were able to send a three-member team to the team event and also have each member compete in the individual event. There were 12 team spots for each gender, thus qualifying 36 individuals through team qualification. All other NOCs may earn a maximum of one quota place per gender for the individual events.
Six places are reserved for Brazil as the host nation, and a further six will be decided by the Tripartite Commission. The remaining 116 places are then allocated through a qualification process, in which archers earned quota places for their respective NOCs, though not necessarily for themselves.
To be eligible to participate in the Olympic Games after the NOC has obtained a quota place, all archers must have achieved the following minimum qualification score (MQS):
  1. Men:       70m round of 630
  2. Women: 70m round of 600
The MQS must have been achieved between 26 July 2015  and 11 July 2016 at a registered World Archery event.

The second Olympic Games held in Paris in 1900, was the first appearance of archery. In the competition, 7 disciplines in varying distances were contested. In the next Olympics held in St. Louis in1904, there were 5 archery events but unfortunately no athletes from outside the United States participated. At the 1908 Summer Olympics, there were 3 archery events. In 1912 Summer Olympics, Archery was not featured but it reappeared in the 1920 Summer Olympics.

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During the year between 1920 and 1972, archery was not contested at the Olympic Games. In the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, the archery competition consisted of a double FITA Round competition with two events - men's individual and women's individual. The Olympic Round with head-to-head matches was adopted at the 1992 Summer Olympics and this has been used ever since.
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