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Wrestling is a famous game as well as the most ancient too. It is a part of the martial arts. It is a game which takes in physical engagement between two people in which each wrestler tried hard to get an advantage over, or have power over the opponent. There are some of the physical techniques that are used which include clinching, holding, locking, application of leverage and takedowns. At present, there are a large variety of styles with a variety of varying rules. To know more about the Wrestling Olympics 2016, bookmark our website at Ancient Olympic Games.
Wrestling Olympics 2016 live streaming

Different wrestling styles have particular rules of each. Even, one can make a difference between traditional and non-traditional styles of wrestling, and wrestling techniques that are found in military hand-to-hand combat and self-defense styles.

Olympics game was played from the very ancient time and it would return in a similar role when the Olympic Games returned after a 1500-year long absence in 1896. In 1904, the Olympic Games have introduced the second wrestling event and named it freestyle. In the present day, wrestlers have the permission to use their legs for pushing, lifting and tripping, and they could even hold opponents above or below the waist.

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Rio 2016 Wrestling Olympics competitions at the  Rio 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, were staged at the Hall 3 of the Olympic Training Center in Barra da Tijuca from August 14 to 21, 2016. The game was divided into two disciplines, Freestyle and Greco-Roman which was further split into a range of weight categories. The men athletes competed in both disciplines while the women wrestlers only took part in the freestyle events winning over 18 gold medals. Year 2016 Olympics was the fourth Olympics with women's wrestling as an event.  To look at the medal table, it has been found that Russia hold the first position with 6 gold medals.

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