VolleyBall at 2016 Summer Olympics Rio


Volleyball is a team sport of Olympic which is played by two teams of 6 active players separated by a net. Each team aims to score points by grounding a ball on the opponent team's court under certain set of rules. In this page we will describe indoor volleyball through our website Ancient Olympic Games.
Volleyball is an ancient world famous game and it has been played as an indoor sport at the Summer Olympic Games since 1964. In 1992, beach volleyball was introduced and has been an official Olympic sport since 1996.
In 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris, Volleyball was played as a part of an American sports demonstration event. It was only after World War II that the game has been included in the Olympic Games with the foundation of the FIVB and of some of the continental confederations. For supporting this proposal, a special tournament was held in 1957 at the 53rd session of IOC in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thus with the success of the competition, the sport was officially incorporated in 1964.
The tournament of volleyball in Olympic Games was initially a simple competition, whose set-up featured that all the teams played against each other team and then were positioned by wins, set average and point average. The competition was the split into two phases and a final round was included, comprising of quarterfinals, semifinals and finals. Since the creation of the system in 1972, this new system has turned out as the standard for the volleyball Olympic tournament, and is usually known as the Olympic format.
With the success of the game, the number of teams involved in the games has grown steadily since 1964. Since 1996, both men's and women's indoor events count 12 participant nations.
In the 2008 Volleyball tournament held at Beijing, United States won the gold medal in the men’s category and Brazil won the gold medal in the women’s category.
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