Triathlon at 2016 Summer Olympics


A triathlon is an event where various games were played including swimming, cycling, and running in immediate sequence over a range of distances. The athletes of this game played for fastest overall completion of course time, consisting of timed changes over between the particular swim, bike, and run categories. The game is an ancient but world famous game which is given in detail by our website Ancient Olympic Games.
In 1974, the first game of triathlon took place on Fiesta Island, California, USA.  The event was ventured into a new form of instilling interest in the training program by the San Diego University Track Club.
The sport requires endurance as well as intense training and discipline at the best level. It has been found out that many people participate in the game because it fits in with a healthy lifestyle. Triathlon was first appeared in the Olympic Games at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games in Sydney after it was awarded full medal status at the IOC congress in Paris six years earlier. The popularity of the game in the international level started to rise after its incorporation on the Olympic programme.
This is a sports event including swimming, cycling and running, which are the game of endurance as well as the key ways to be healthy and fit. In Olympics, these events are placed in immediate succession.
The triathlon event of Beijing Olympics, 2008, was held at the Ming Tomb Reservoir in Changping District of northern Beijing from August 18 to19. Swimming event was held in the reservoir whereas, the events for cycling and running were held on the big dam and the road section near the dam. The total number of players participated in the 2008 Summer Olympics for this event were 55 men and 55 women.
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