Olympics 2016 Tennis live streaming,Results,Schedule,Tickets {watch online}

Rio Olympics 2016 Tennis live streaming,Results,Schedule,Tickets { 2016 Summer Olympics Tennis Games watch online}

Tennis is a world famous game played from the ancient time. We will describe the past and the present record of the game in our website Ancient Olympic Games 2016 and tennis results of summer Olympics 2016 Rio.
Tennis is a friendly sport which is played between two players, singles or between two teams of two players each, doubles. Each player uses a racquet to strike a hollow rubber ball enclosed with felt over a net into the opponent's court.

Tennis at Summer Olympics 2016 Rio

The modern game of tennis was created in the United Kingdom in the late 19th century as "lawn tennis". After its formation, tennis extends all through the upper-class English-speaking population before spreading around the world. It is an Olympic sport and is played at all levels of society and of all ages.

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In the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, the tennis competitions were held from August 6 to August 14 at the Olympic Tennis Center. The Deco Turf surface turned into the event a hard-court tournament.
The women's singles event played in the game proved remarkable for being one of only two Olympiads and even for the first time since 1908 where all medalists were from the same country. Despite their victories in the singles, the Russian women were unsuccessful to move on past the quarterfinals of the women's doubles.

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The men's singles in the event featured the first time that an Olympian had medaled in successive Olympiads since the 1920 games, though the men's doubles presented Switzerland its first medal in the event. Russia had remarkably won all three of its medals in the women’s singles. In the previous year, 2004 Olympics, Chile was at the top of the medal tally winning 2 gold medals for the country. That year, there were total 4 events which were joined by 172 played across the country. The famous tennis player Martina Navratilova made her first appearance in the 2004 Olympic Games.

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