Softball at 2016 Summer Olympics Rio


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Softball is a family sport quite popular in the United States. The game is the successor of   baseball. However, there are major differences between softball and baseball as the earlier is  larger than the latter, and pitches are also thrown underhand rather than overhand. George Hancock in Chicago, Illinois is the father of softball. The first game of softball was played with the use of a rolled up boxing glove as a ball and a broomstick as a bat.
The International Softball Federation (ISF) organizes world championships of softball for every four years, in numerous categories. The ISF is the international administering body. Because of the recognition of the sport all over the world, there are a large number of administrating bodies such as the United States Specialty Sports Association and the National Softball Association.
In the 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing, the game of softball was held over a ten day period starting from August 12 and ending up with the medal finals on August 21. All of the games were played at the Fengtai Softball Field. It is noteworthy that Olympic softball is competed by women only, with men participating in the similar sport of baseball. The game by women has made its first debut in the Olympics in 1996 and made its ultimate Olympic appearance in the 2008 games.
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has decided to deduct softball from the program for the 2012 Olympics. The 2008 Olympic Games was the last time for softball that was contested at the Olympics unless it is established again at a future date. The decision will be taken by IOC in 2009.
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