Sailing at 2016 Summer Olympics Rio


Sailing is an ancient world famous sport which is the art of controlling a boat with large foils known as sails. By altering the rigging, rudder, and dagger or centre board, a sailor controls the force of the wind on the sails so as to change the direction and speed of a boat. An expert in the sailing must require experienced in the ever-changing wind and sea conditions and knowledge concerning sailboats. To know more about the sport, log on to our website at Ancient Olympic Games.
The game of sailing at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing took place from August 9 to 21. The competition was held in Qingdao, at Qingdao International Marina. The events included four classes for men, four for women, and three mixed classes that were open to both men and women.
Sailing was first contested at the Olympic Games held in 1900 and then it goes on. It is regarded as one of the oldest sports on the Olympic programme. In the previous Olympic Games, sailing was done by bigger boats with as many as 10-12 sailors. Then from 1924 onwards, the trend was changed and it was then done with smaller design boats with fewer crew members.
In the 2004 Athens Games there was only one event that had a three-person crew with five events contested by lone sailors. Women were given the full permission to compete in Olympic sailing with men, but in 1988, different sailing events were introduced solely for women. In 2004 Olympic Games, there were sailing programme that consisted of events for men's, women's and open.  As a result, sailing made its Olympic introduction in Sydney, as it turned out as the first Olympic sport to make a change of name. The sport had always been named as yachting in the past.
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