Equestrian - Rio 2016 Summer Olympics


Equestrian is actually a horse back rider. So, by the name you can understand that it is a game of horse riding. In ancient times horses were considered the only means of transport and commuting. Whether it is cargo transportation or else the soldiers going for war, horses have always remained one of the best pets of man.
With time horse riding took more of a sports look and saw its involvement in major events. Equestrian is one of the ancient and world’s famous games. It is seen in popular games as polo, dressage, eventing and jumping. For more information you may visit our website Ancient Olympic Games.
With time many federations have surfaced that are responsible for organizing many sports events related to equestrian. The international governing body for this sports is the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) and works on the rules of International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Equestrian was first introduced in the Olympic Games in the year 1900 summer Olympics in Paris, France. Its history shows it’s on and off relation with the Olympic Games over the time. The current Olympics games include dressage, eventing and jumping. It is the only game where men and women compete against each other on equal footage. And also, it is the only game where humans and animals compete together on mutual understanding basis.
Equestrian game of Olympics has a rule that the horse must be of the same nationality as its rider and the minimum age limit of the horse must be- seven years. The last Olympic Games were held in Beijing, China in the year 2008. And latest Olympics to be held are in London, United Kingdom in the year 2012. Earlier the games held were polo, high jump, long jump and grand prix jumping, unlike today where the dressage, eventing and jumping are held.

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