Cycling - Rio 2016 Summer Olympics


Cycle is one mode of transportation, which finds a strong presence among humans since times unknown. With time much has been added to this wonder device and its utility has spread its wings to- not only just means of commuting but also to the several recreational activities altogether.
Cycling has been used by kids and adults alike to race, commute, transport goods and even at times used in wars. There are many forms of it been introduced into the market in recent times as unicycles, tricycles, quadracycles, etc. Others include BMX (Bicycle moto cross), started in the year 1960 in California, USA.
Many federations are introduced all round the world, who can organize sporting events involving cycling- one of the ancient and world’s famous games. Union Cyclist International in Switzerland and International Human Powered Vehicle Association are two renowned sporting committees looking after organization of sporting events of it. For more information on this you can visit our website Ancient Olympic Games.
Cycling has several health benefits. The paddling keeps your thighs, stomach muscles tight and strong. It burns down heavy calories in the form of perspiration. The body remains fit from all sides. Apart from just health aspect, you can also say that it is environment friendly. It captures less space in the parking lot. It is light weighted and is easy to carry and store. Due to its benefits and fun, it is more used in recreational activities nowadays.
Cycling was used in Olympics in the year 1896 in Athens, since then it never took a turn back.  Women first competed in the road race at Los Angeles in the year 1984 and mountain biking was added in Atlanta in 1996 and BMX in Beijing in 2008. The next Olympic Games will be held in the year 2012 in London, UK.
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