Canoeing - Rio 2016 Summer Olympics


Canoe is an adventurous sport that simply thrills your mind and soul. It is a long distance races on rivers, lakes or in open sea. The course may include obstacles such as shallow, rocks and portages. This sport is governed by the international Canoe Federation (ICF). This game is totally on the parameters of the ICF that specifies that the minimum distances for international races are 15 kilometer for women and 20 kilometer for man. This race may be divided into several parts or several days. The World Cup and World Championship races normally are about 35 to 40 kilometer long.
As there is no maximum limit of the racing distances, in fact marathon races have its extreme. Like Hawkesbury Canoe Classic in New South Wales, Australia, Devizes to Westminster Marathon in England , the distance of both the races are 125 miles, i.e. about 200 kilometer, the Texas Water Safari is 262 miles, the Tour de Gudenå in Denmark is of 120 kilometers. The longest annual canoe and kayak race, the 742 kilometer long the Yukon River Quest race and the longest race is 1600 kilometer long on the Yukon named river from Whitehorse. For every race the number of rounds i.e. semifinals and finals are necessary and that too depends upon the number of competitors.The boats that have been used for this race are unique in design and have its own designated lane for racing.
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