Basket Ball - Rio 2016 Summer Olympics


Basketball is one of the world famous games. It is a team sport which is played by two teams of five active players. Each of the players try to score points against one another by putting a ball through a 10 feet of 3.048 m the goal or the high hoop under controlled rules and regulations.
Basketball has been played over and over again in the Summer Olympic Games since 1936, with the events of demonstration in 1904 and 1924. The basketball team of United States won all of the gold medals in the men's competition from the year 1936 to 1968.
It is a matter of great honor in the international basketball to win in the Olympics followed by the World Championships of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) for both men and women and the respective intercontinental championships.
The first Olympic basketball tournament was organized by FIBA in the 1936 Summer Olympics at Berlin as an outdoor tournament. The medals were given away by Dr. Naismith to the top three teams. In order to sustain the Olympic tradition, all the competitors in the game were amateurs, and FIBA introduced the indoor game in the 1948 Summer Olympics. The game was won victoriously by the Americans, winning all of the Olympic tournaments until the 1972 Summer Olympics when the Soviet Union national basketball team bags the credit of winning the gold-medal in the game in highly controversial circumstances.
The Americans got back the gold medal at the Summer Olympics held in 1976 but with the boycott of Summer Olympics in 1980, the Yugoslavia national basketball team was the first team to come outside the USA or the USSR to win the title after beating the Soviets in the semifinals.
The 2008 Olympic basketball competition took place from August 10th to 24th.  The main round of action was from August 10th to 18th, the quarterfinals on August 20, semifinals on August 22, and finals on August 24.
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